2020 Virtual Show


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The decision was made this year that the Doncaster Classic Car & Bike Show would be cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

One of the main purposes of the show is to raise as much money as possible for local good causes –

not just charities but schools, Scouts & Guides, support groups, libraries, community projects, outreach projects, counselling the list goes on and on, all while we have a thoroughly good day enjoying and sharing in the beauty of our classic vehicles. Doncaster St Georges Rotary Club then distributes any money raised to the good causes.  Last year between the Show and other activities the Rotary Club was able to award over £25,000.

This year everything is quite a bit different.  One thing that does not change however is the help needed by people and indeed places within our local communities.  To this end we have decided to try something a little different as well.

We would like to hold a Virtual Doncaster Classic Car & Bike Show for 2020.  If it’s good enough for Formula 1 to race the 2020 season virtually then it is good enough for the Doncaster Classic Car & Bike Show. We will dedicate this homepage to photos of your classic vehicles – all we ask for your entry onto the site is that you give a donation to the Show to continue the support we can provide to local people and communities.  You can give as little or as much as you like or can.  In these difficult times we have seen many people band together in support of good causes such as the wonderful achievement of Captain Tom.  Let’s bring it to Doncaster and raise as much as we can, whilst sharing our wonderful classic vehicles.  So get your fix of the classic car and bike show season – pop into your own kitchen for some refreshments, wander round the exhibits virtually and keep coming back as the show will develop constantly.  If you don’t have a classic vehicle to display then you are still welcome to take a wander through the exhibits and can still leave a donation to the show. Please tell your friends about the virtual show, the more that know the bigger the show and donations grow.  Enjoy the show.

If you wish to remove your vehicle’s registration number from your photo please do so before you send it to us, as with over 800 vehicles on display last year it would take us a lot of time to edit every photo, as I am sure you can appreciate.  You can provide a short caption to go with the photo, such as a name or vehicle type etc (please remember any information you put in the caption can be seen by anyone viewing this website).

How to join in the fun!

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Send us your photo.


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    Simply click on the donate button below.

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    To the 2020 Virtual Show

    All the profits raised each year goes to help local good causes who need your help now more than ever.  Donate as much or as little as you can.  Thank you for all your support throughout the years it really does make a difference to local people’s lives.

    If you would like to see where the donations typically go to take a look at our 2017 presentation evening.

    Wander through the 2020 Virtual Show

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