We have produced two comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions and Answers documents to help with any queries you may have whether you are a Trader/Exhibitor or a Public visitor.  Please click on links below to review.

Again in 2023 we continue with online booking for exhibitors (individual entries and clubs) and traders. We also have advance booking for members of public, again online. If you are Exhibitor or Trader please visit these respective pages also. If you are ready to book you can go straight to our show booking page.

Should you still have a query, having read the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, then see details below (NB: e-mails are not manned constantly given this is a show run by volunteers).

Public Visitors F.A.Q's (Click the Icon)
Trader/Exhibitor F.A.Q's (Click the Icon)


Exhibitors enquiries

John Tower

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Traders enquiries

Ian Mack

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Advertising / Sponsorship

Nigel Thorley

Regards any advertising or sponsorship enquiries these can be made through Nigel. Click on mail icon to send e-mail


Graham Wickham

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